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Our Story

You shouldn’t have to decide between safety and independence for a loved one.

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We've been in your shoes.

If you need help caring for your relative or friend, but you’re looking for an alternative to assisted living, it’s easy to feel like your options are limited. We serve families by caring for seniors in their home so they can stay safe while remaining as independent as possible.

We (Bill and Judy) know how difficult it is to safely care for a loved one at home because we did so for our own mother, who had dementia and visual impairment. Once we’d learned to navigate this, we realized we wanted to help others do the same.

Since 2017, our licensed in-home care agency has served families like yours every day by helping them find solutions to their unique situations.

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We've combined compassion with experience.

Our executive director has worked in the home care industry for over 30 years, and our financial planner has been in the business since 1980. This combination of empathetic in-home care and proactive financial protection sets us apart as an alternative to assisted living.

You’ll find this experience and professionalism in our staff, too. Whether a caregiver provides transportation once a week or round-the-clock personal assistance, you can rely on the fact that we’ve trained him or her to give your loved one respect and proper care.

Enjoy a non-caregiver relationship again.


It may feel impossible right now to give up your caregiver role, and it’s not easy to let someone else come into your loved one’s home to care for him or her. But we're not here to completely take over; we're simply here to assist you.

Local service you can rely on.

Each staff member undergoes an extensive background check and training so they’ll be prepared to properly care for your loved one—letting you interact with them in a non-caregiver role again.